AOVE Premium Oro de Munda

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Oro de Munda Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium, has its origins in a grove of centenarian olive trees situated in the rural East of Cordoba, where the battle of Munda took place (45 B.C), last battle of the Second Roman Civil War, where Julio Cesar became victorius.

We work to obtain the best quality and exclusiveness of the vivid flavors that come from the earth. Oro de Munda is a premium quality olive juice, keeping all its properties. It is comprised mostly of the "Picudo" variety, currently endangered and originally from Cordoba, this olive oil has exellent organoleptic characteristics with an unbeatable balance and sweetness, fluid and light, without strong flavors. Combine perfectly with a variety of culinary preparatons, as appetizers, desserts and confectioneries. Soup, stews, gazpachos, salmorejos, vegetables, pastas, all kind of meat, seafood and rice can benefit from the properties of this Millennium product. It is specially recommended for salads or cold dishes, but it can also be sprinkled in hot preparations prior to serving, or simply served with bread.

Try ityourself; just a few drops of Oro de Munda might be the difference between feeding and enjoying the true pleasureof eating.

AOVE Premium Oro de Munda

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